Why shiraz

Why Shiraz

Why Shiraz?

Shiraz is one of the four major cities in Iran. It is located in south west of Iran in a valley at the elevation of almost 1500 meters above sea level and its weather is usually mild and moderate. It is neither freezing cold or chilly nor is it hot and blistering.

Shiraz is not that crowded and as compared with Tehran you do not get stuck in heavy traffic for hours. Moreover, the weather is not that polluted like other metropolitan cities and you can enjoy clean weather and the fragrance drifting in the air especially in spring.

Traveling to Shiraz is very easy because most airline companies such as Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Fly Dubai, etc. have direct flights to Shiraz airport. Moreover it is very close to Arabic countries which results in lower costs and saving time.

Shiraz has been recognized as the biggest liver transplant center in the world. More than 600 liver transplant surgeries were performed during last year
Why Shiraz

Shiraz is one of the most popular destinations for medical purposes, boasting some of the best doctors and facilities in the world as well as many tourist attractions and should not be overlooked. Among its many attractions, the country offers highly affordable medical treatments as well as some of the world’s best doctors and health care facilities, together with vacation options that are unrivalled anywhere else in the world. Since legendary surgeon Ali Malek Hoseini put Iran’s healthcare services on the map by performing the first liver transplant in Middle East, the city’s reputation for medical excellence has gone from strength to strength.

The people are quite friendly, easygoing and peaceful and they almost always try to enjoy their time. Therefore you can make friends easily. Shiraz is very lively in the evenings and because of the great climate many people enjoy being outside. There are a lot of shops and malls, and people enjoy window shopping and browsing the street markets. Young people especially enjoy meeting friends in coffee shops and chatting, and picnics are a popular pastime.

Shiraz has lots of museums, gardens and monuments. Moreover, it is famous for its beautiful gardens and hospitable people. It is also contains several historical places of interest including a wonderful old bazaar called Vakil Bazaar, Hafezieh, which is the tomb of Hafez, one of the most famous of Persian poets, and Persepolis, ancient ruins dating back about 2500 years, that was built by ancient ruins of Iran. Shiraz is surrounded by mountains and some amazingly beautiful natural areas such as Behesht-Gomshodeh, which means Lost Paradise.

Persepolis, it used to be a majestic and magnificent place, it is called the cradle of civilization. If you happened to go there you can see the remnants of an old empire! The ruins of a glorious palace. Even now that it has fallen in ruins this place is unrivalled and it is one of a kind.

It is worth a visit.

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