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Choosing an option for medical treatment abroad can be a somewhat confusing process involving a lot of different questions that need to be answered. Below are some helpful answers to many FAQs that often come up in this process.

Medical tourism can be defined as the arrangement of a journey abroad for medical reasons. These might include undergoing a medical procedure in another country, or restoring/maintaining health in any other way. A main reason many people choose to engage in medical tourism is the lower cost or higher quality of medical treatments that are available in the country of their choice. Typical medical tourism visits include a treatment, recovery time, and the option of an extended vacation.

There are many ways to answer this question, but if you are looking for surgical, dental, cosmetic, fertility, or any other type of medical treatment, medical tourism can be an option that allows you to receive quality care at a low cost, while avoiding waiting times and getting the opportunity to relax and recuperate in a pleasant atmosphere, along with the experience of a new country. If this sounds appealing, then medical tourism is probably for you!

There are many factors that draw people to receive treatment in another country. These can include the high quality of available care, the low cost of treatment, shortened waiting times, holistic care, and the chance to have a relaxing holiday in a foreign country. The combination of any of these factors might provide enough of an incentive to engage in medical tourism.

The good news is that Medical Tourism Iran makes every effort to take care of all the organizing so you can concentrate on your procedure and the restorative holiday that follows. We strive to help you by taking as much of the stress out of the process as possible, leaving you free to relax and enjoy yourself. As part of this effort, we are able to organize all the parts of the journey that make for an exiting holiday. These can include tours, historical trips, safari trips, or whatever activities or attractions you may prefer – Iran has a wide variety to choose from!

There are any number of reasons to choose Iran as a medical tourism destination, from the quality of the medical services to the highly affordable treatments, as well as the diverse historical sights and endless options for a relaxing holiday in an ancient country, and the opportunity to recuperate away from family and friends.

Medical Tourism Iran specializes in organizing and facilitating the most cost-effective and satisfactory medical holiday to Shiraz, ensuring that your stress in minimized and that the journey and procedure are as smooth and painless as possible. By utilizing our years of experience in the travel and hospitality industries, as well as our extensive network of professional contacts, we are able to source the best deals to suit your needs at the lowest possible prices. This leaves you free to enjoy your visit and leave refreshed and rejuvenated.

We strive to ensure that all your needs are met from start to finish. This begins with providing all the information you need in a form that is easy to understand. We then handle the scheduling of treatment and booking of facilities. We also arrange all necessary post-treatment care, including the hiring of a nurse if necessary. For the duration of your stay in Iran, our team is on hand to assist with tour guides, translators, transportation, accommodation, food, foreign currency, local SIM cards, shopping trips, car hire, airport transfer, and a wide range of leisure activities to keep you entertained on your holiday.

Both the industry and the business itself have grown from strength to strength over the last few years. Each year we see more and more international clients choosing Iran for their medical tourism needs, as well as more companies offering the necessary services and assistance. This of course means that things have gotten more competitive, which drives us to continue finding the best possible deals and travel packages for our clients.

Medical Tourism Iran caters to a large target market, including many clients from other Middle Eastern nations as well as those coming from the UK, Europe, Africa, and most recently, Australia.

We see a lot of clients coming from Middle Eastern countries, particularly for eye surgery (ophthalmology) tourism, which is popular in Iran because of its well-known surgeons. Many of our clients also come from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, African Countries, and Europe at large. A lot of expats also make use of our services.

Elective plastic or cosmetic surgeries (including breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and liposuction) and fertility treatments are generally most popular among our clients, followed by cosmetic dentistry, ophthalmic and orthopedic procedures, and a range of others.

While you are welcome to tackle the organizing yourself, you are likely to find that this requires a significant amount of time and effort, and may even end up costing you more money. One of the main advantages that Medical Tourism Iran offers is years of experience in the tourism and hospitality industries, enabling us to secure the best deals and smooth any problems you may encounter.

Of course! Your medical holiday can be just for you, or an experience that you share. Medical Tourism Iran is happy to facilitate a relaxing and entertaining holiday for both you and your travelling companion.

Regardless of where treatment takes place, there are always some risks involved. Fortunately, thanks to the high standard of medical care in Iran, and particularly the doctors and clinics with which we partner, these risks are always minimized.

This type of insurance must generally be taken out on an individual basis, so we recommend that you obtain your desired insurance yourself before making the trip.

We understand that when dealing with medical care, safety is the number one priority. For this reason we partner only with the most reliable and reputable clinics and doctors. In almost all cases, the risks are minimized and the procedure is completed without any complications. Naturally, you will be guided through all the risks involved well before the procedure takes place to allow you ample time to make a decision. During the period of post-treatment care in Iran, and even following your return home, we will endeavor to address any unlikely concerns or complications that may arise as swiftly and effectively as possible.

The main reason for the low cost of medical treatment in Iran is the weakness of the Rial. This means that equivalent treatments elsewhere in the world are far more expensive.

Legendary surgeon Ali MalekHoseini made Iran’s medical services famous by performing the first liver transplant in Middle East, and the standards of medical care in the country have not dropped since. With highly trained doctors and state-of-the-art facilities, the quality of Iran healthcare meets international standards.

Iranian doctors receive the same high standard of training as their counterparts in the USA and Europe, and receive similar qualifications. Medical Tourism Iran Partners only with the most highly qualified and accredited doctors.

Each client is handled on an individual basis, as each procedure is different, but waiting times are generally shorter than in many other parts of the world.

Every precaution is taken to screen donated blood for any contamination, ensuring that international standards are upheld and that the risk of infection is eliminated. Iranian blood donors are not paid for their blood.

All the clinics with which we partner are carefully selected for their quality and reputation. A thorough vetting process is used to ensure that each clinic meets the highest standards. Factors such as doctors’ qualifications and experience, the available treatments on offer, the experiences of former clients, customer service, location, and reliability, are all taken into account during this process. As no financial contributions are received, you can rest assured that the clinics are chosen based on merit alone.

Depending on the individual case, it may be wise to consult with your own doctor before engaging in a medical procedure abroad, but this is generally not a set requirement.

Most treatments have standard recommendations for post-operative care and recovery, such as a minimum recommended stay in the country following your procedure. We strongly advise that these be followed to ensure that the risk of unforeseen complications is minimized. These might include assisted recovery in and out of the hospital, as well as a recuperation period at a spa or resort to aid the healing process. We will also remain in contact with you once you have returned home to address any long-term concerns that may arise.

While we are able to organize any kind of medical procedure that you may need, we specialize mainly in eye surgery (ophthalmology), organ transplantation, cosmetic or plastic surgery (such as breast augmentation), weight-loss procedures (such as liposuction), cosmetic dentistry, orthopedics, fertility treatments, and many others. If you are having trouble finding the correct procedure for you, don’t hesitate to let us know, and we’ll do our best to source it for you.

In organizing your medical holiday with Medical Tourism Iran, we will go through all the possible options for extra add-ons to your travel package and help you to choose the ones that suit your interests as well as your budget. Starting with the medical procedure itself, we will then look at accommodation and transport options in Shiraz, followed by leisure activities, tourist attractions, and any other extra services you may require.

Prices differ depending on the specific procedure, but you can be all but guaranteed a significant saving by choosing affordable medical treatment in Iran. On completion of our enquiry form, or once you have contacted us with your requirements, we will put together a comprehensive price comparison of various options for treatment, based on which you can make your final decision. We will also break down the costs of your requested add-ons for your consideration. All of the above information will be contained in a non-binding proposal that we will send to you based on your initial input. While exact prices for healthcare can only be determined after the initial consultation, in our experience the actual price rarely varies far from the standard price.

Again, this is largely dependent on the procedure in question, but given that most procedures are available in Iran at a fraction of the cost, you can save a substantial amount of money by choosing Shiraz as your medical tourism destination, even after all extra costs are added on.

Depending on the terms of your specific medical aid, it may be possible to receive some coverage for treatment undergone in Iran. It’s best to check with your insurance provider directly to determine if this is the case.

You will only have to pay for the treatment package once in Iran. This allows you to have the advantage of a free, non-binding consultation before spending any money. If you decide to go through with the proposed package, a deposit may be required on certain aspects of your travel, such as hotel and flight bookings. Certain clinics may also require a deposit for some procedures. All payments can be made easily in Iran.

None whatsoever. Medical Tourism Iran is focused on providing the most transparent service possible, ensuring that you know exactly what you are putting in and getting out. Our non-binding proposal will outline as many of the exact costs involved as possible, and while some of these may vary (such as the exact prices of flights or specific medical procedures), we do our best to ensure that our initial estimates of standard prices are as close to the real things as possible.

Getting in contact with us is easy. Fill out an online form, send us an email, or ask us to phone you. We will respond as soon as possible to answer any questions you may have and begin organizing your medical holiday immediately!

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