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Iran offers a wide range of low-cost treatments, together with a level of professionalism and quality

There are many benefits to choosing Iran as a medical tourism destination, from the affordable treatments and fantastic customer service to a wide range of tourist attractions. Making use of an experienced and professional service provider such as Medical Tourism IRAN. will also give you access to a range of advantages to make your medical holiday a positive one.

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Shiraz, at the southwest of the Asian continent, is a city blessed with an incredible historical background, culture, and peace of mind. While you are visiting Iran for fertility, eye surgery, cosmetic surgery, or any other affordable medical treatment, why not take advantage of all that Shiraz has to offer?

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At Medical Tourism Iran, our goal is to enable people from all over the world to take advantage of the outstanding medical care available in Iran at highly affordable prices. Through our comprehensive medical tourism services, we strive to make every aspect of your trip to Iran as comfortable, safe and rewarding as possible. Our Story, The original idea to start ….. first came about when founder Behzad Derakhtkar noticed that many of the guests making bookings at his popular hospitality businesses ... Read More

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