Vasectomy is a procedure for birth control that can be opted for by men. It prevents release of sperm during ejaculation. This is performed exclusively in males. In this procedure the vas deferens is clamped. Vas deferens is a part of male reproductive system. It is a tube like structure that carries sperms from the testes to be released during ejaculation along with semen. Vasectomy essentially does not prevent the release of semen. If release of sperms is inhibited semen gets devoid of sperms. So fertilization of egg is inhibited. Thus birth control is achieved.

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Surgical Procedure

Vasectomy is a procedure that is opted for by the patient in most cases. Patients should be chosen very carefully. Couples opting for this procedure should be counselled before surgery. Detailed history of their family is recorded. Proper assessment is done before surgery. This includes a general assessment of health and wellbeing of the patient.

Vasectomy is a permanent measure of birth control. It is considered only when couple do not wish to have children in future.

During surgery skin of the lower abdomen and scrotum is shaved and cleaned with antiseptic solution. The vas deferens is palpated over the skin. A local anaesthetic solution is injected around the planned operative area. This helps numb the area. Incision is made over scrotum. Humans have two vas deferens located on either side. Both vas deferens are tied up to occlude the lumen within them. Usually the tubes are folder in a loop and clipped. Sometimes the ends may be cut and tied and sealed. The overlying skin is closed using staples or sutures.

Recovery from surgery takes one to two hours. Patient is advised rest for the day. Patients can resume normal duty in one or two days. The patient is advised that he can resume sexual intercourse in a few days. However adequate precautions and other methods of birth control like condoms or birth control pills need to be adopted until the semen is completely devoid of sperm. Vasectomy does not interfere with sexual intercourse.

Vasectomy is a permanent measure of birth control. It is considered only when couple do not wish to have children in future. It is a very effective procedure with a success rate of more than 99%. It is also a very safe procedure. Chances of complications are very rare. There may minor bleeding or risk of infection and pain. These are usually relieved by cold compress, pain relievers and often resolve by themselves in a few days as the surgical site heals. Infections can be prevented using antibiotics.

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