Chrome Dentures

Chrome Dentures

Chrome Dentures


Cosmetic dentures are specially designed dentures to improve aesthetics of an individual. People who desire to improve the aesthetics of previous dentures or people who desire to close gaps or replace missing teeth can have cosmetic dentures done.

There are mainly two types of cosmetic dentures:

1. Acrylic – gum coloured plastic dentures. Fully cosmetic- acrylic dentures are suitable if all teeth are missing. These dentures are made up of plastic; hence, are lighter.

2. Cobalt Chromium – metal based dentures with gum coloured plastic. Chrome dentures are more stable in absence of missing teeth. These dentures cover less gum portion and are very strong.

The suitability of the dentures for each patient has better to be determined by the dentist.

Cobalt Chromium Removable Partial Denture can be:

- tooth supported prosthesis

- both- tooth and tissue supported prosthesis

It has both strength and rigidity to resist deformation from highly complex stress fields during normal masticatory movements.

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Chrome Dentures
Procedure- Removable partial denture treatment

- Educating the patient

- Diagnosis, treatment planning, design, treatment sequencing and mouth preparation

- Support for distal extension denture bases

- Establishment and verification of occlusal relations and tooth arrangements

- Initial placement procedures

- Periodic visits/ follow ups

Cobalt chromium removable partial dentures are indicated for patients:

- with good hygiene

- with high motivation to accept dental prosthesis

There must be a distribution of abutment teeth which have good bone support.

Advantages of Removable Cobalt Chromium Partial Denture: Its rigidity and strength allows the production of smaller and less bulky dentures. When cast properly, it has an optimum flexibility to allow its grip to engage undercuts and obtain retention from teeth.

Overall fineness makes it easier for patients to adapt to wearing the partial dentures.

Chrome denture normally has a metal framework to distribute the stress across the entire base of the denture as the patient is chewing. The design is to help direct the forces of occlusion on the abutment teeth rather than on the localized tissues and thus stabilizes the prosthetic appliance during the mastication process occurring within the vigorous oral environment.

A partial denture also has a number of clasps at some abutment teeth to hold the partial firmly in place. However, in addition to the unsightly metal frame and clasps, a partial denture might require some preparation on the abutment teeth. This is often done by making some small cuts about 1mm depth on the distal-occlusal aspects of two or three abutment teeth to hide the bulkiness of the metal clasp anchors known as the occlusal rests. The function of the occlusal rests is to tighten the grip of the metal clasps around the abutment teeth in the undercut areas of the cervical thirds.

As explained above, the metal frameworks in the removable partial dentures are traditionally made from chrome cobalt alloys. Removable partial dentures with metal frameworks are far more preferable to their all acrylic counterparts for a number of reasons as follows:

1. Overall fineness makes it easier for patients to adapt to wearing the partial dentures.

2. The metal frameworks have no contact with the gums.

3. Redistribution of forces of occlusion to the abutment teeth rather than on the soft tissues.

4. Easily converted into an advancement appliance for treating sleep related breathing disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) or non-apneic snoring.

5. Virtually no loss of taste during eating because of the minimal metal framework coverage over the transpalatal area.

6. Stronger and more reliable than all acrylic dentures.

7. Extra supports can be made possible with occlusal rests.

8. The metal frameworks are modifiable as future needs arise by adding new teeth and clasps.

9. No sore spots compared to wearing all acrylic dentures.

10. Thin metal frameworks eliminate the need to have a thick and heavy acrylic on the palate.

11. Light to wear compared to all acrylic dentures.

Disadvantages of Cobalt Chromium Partial Denture: It’s not aesthetically pleasing especially for the anterior of the mouth.

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