Hair Removal

Hair Removal

Hair Removal


Excess body hair has been a problem for many women and even men world wide over centuries. For some it may be natural or inherited and for others it may be due to some illness or hormonal disturbance. There are multiple methods of hair removal – some painful, some short lasting and some expensive. For women the usual areas preferred for hair removal are legs, underarms, or bikini area where the growth may be normal but undesirable.

Surgical Techniques

Excess hair may be removed using laser or pulse rays of light. These are essentially shots of high energy lights that are focused on the individual hair roots and help in the destruction of the root to prevent further growth of hair at that particular root. This method is one of the most permanent methods of hair removal. After the laser therapy the hair itself is not uprooted. It remains with a weaker root that facilitates its fall and prevents renewal.

Among other alternatives of hair removal there is Electrolysis. This is the only permanent method of hair removal.

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Hair Removal

Newest laser, called DUET, combines laser with a little bit of suction for even better results. This allows for larger skin areas to be covered at one sitting. Light skinned women with dark body hair are the best candidates for laser hair removal. Lasers won’t work on white hair, and they are much less effective on blond hair. ND YAG Laser is the only one that is safe for black skin.

Usually 5-7 sessions are needed for a clean removal using laser therapy. After the initial set of sessions a touch up after around a year may be needed.

Post operative considerations and other alternatives

Laser hair removal may be associated with darkening spots or hyper pigmentation. Some may also experience burning and scarring, which can lead to the creation of keloids (scar tissue). Overall laser hair removal is a relatively safe and effective method of hair removal.

Among other alternatives of hair removal there is Electrolysis. This is the only permanent method of hair removal. It uses a small needle that is inserted into the hair root via the follicle. This needle carries in a small current that is used to kill the root and prevent further hair growth.

The procedure may be painful and a local anesthetic to numb the area is often used. It is a commonly used and preferred technique in hair removal over the face. Each session may last around 5 to 10 minuets but a total of up to 25 sessions may be needed to achieve desirable results. Some side effects of this method include scars, dark spots and formation of keloids – aggravated scars.

Waxing is somewhat painful but temporary option for hair removal preferred by millions of women worldwide. It can be used safely on most parts of the body. A downside is that waxing removes the hair from the root and sometimes leaves the pores or follicles open. This may lead to chances of infection. An antibacterial cream should be applied after the procedure.

Painless temporary options of hair removal include hair removal creams containing eflornithine approximately at 14%. These creams work by blocking an enzyme that would otherwise stimulate hair growth. Without the enzyme, hair growth is retarded in that area, and eventually may stop. Shaving is another temporary option that involves cutting the hair. The hair may grow back. It may last a few days at the most depending on rate of hair growth.

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