Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation


The size of the chin can be reshaped or enhanced aesthetically by a surgical procedure known as Chin augmentation. Aesthetic chin surgery is performed to improve the balance of the facial profile and correct a “weak” chin. It may be done either by moving or reshaping bones or by inserting an implant. A biocompatible implant is placed over the bone structure of the lower jaw, augmenting the dimensions of the jaw. Depending on the region augmented, one can achieve a stronger and/or wider chin, and even lengthen the face.


This aesthetic surgery needs to be performed in the surgeon’s clinic or a hospital. X-rays of the face and chin are to be taken, which help the cosmetic surgeon in determining which part of the chin to operate on.

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Chin Augmentation

1. When the surgery involves only an implant to round out the chin-

2. When the surgery also involves moving some bones-

• General or local anaesthesia is given to the patient.

• An incision or cut is given by the surgeon on either inside the mouth or outside under the chin.

• A pouch is made in front of the chin bone and beneath the muscles.

• The implant is placed inside this pouch.

• The surgeon may use real bone or fat tissue, or an implant made out of silicone, Teflon, Dacron, or similar biological materials.

• The implant is usually attached to the bone with sutures or screws.

• Sutures are given to close the surgical cut.

• The scar can barely be seen, when the cut is inside the mouth.

• General anaesthesia is given.

• An incision or a cut is given inside mouth along the lower gum. This way, surgeon can access the chin bone.

• A bone saw or chisel is used by a surgeon to make a second cut through the jaw bone.

• The jaw bone is moved and wired or screwed in place.

• The cut is closed with stitches and a bandage is applied.

• Since the surgery is performed inside mouth, one cannot see any scars.

• The procedure normally takes between 1 and 3 hours.

Need for chin augmentation

1. To balance the face by making the chin longer or bigger compared to the nose.

2. To enhance weak or receding chins (microgenia) in people who have a normal bite.

3. Chin augmentation is commonly done at the same time as a nose job (rhinoplasty) or facial liposuction (when fat is removed from under the chin and neck).

4. Surgery to correct bite problems can be done at the same time as chin surgery.

Risks/ most common complications

• Swelling

• Bruising

• Undesirable implant displacement

Other possible complications

• Loss of feeling/ unwanted numbness

• Damage to the teeth

Some rare side effects

• Blood clots

• Infection which requires the implant removal

• Persistent pain

• Numbness or other changes in feeling to the skin

Poor cosmetic results which might require further surgeries

• Unevenness of the face

• Wounds which are difficult to heal, nicotine from smoking can delay healing.

• Scarring

• Fluid that collects under the skin

• Irregular skin shape (contour)

After the Procedure

• Patients may feel some discomfort and soreness post-operatively, which can be easily controlled with medication.

• Patients may also feel a stretching sensation around your chin for 1 week and some numbness in the chin for up to 3 months.

• Most of the swelling disappears by 2 months, depending on the type of procedure a patient undergoes.

• Patients will be advised to be on a liquid or soft diet for at least a day or two.

• The outside bandage will be removed within a week of surgery.

• Patients may be requested to wear a brace while sleeping, for the period of 4 – 6 weeks.

• Patients can resume work and usual activities within 7 – 10 days.

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