Butt Lift

Butt Lift

Butt Lift


Butt lift surgery or gluteoplasty lifts and tightens the skin of the butt. Extra skin in this part is removed and the adjacent tissue is repositioned. This helps to create a youthful and pleasing body contour for the patient.

Benefits of a butt lift:

This surgery is generally beneficial for patients having copious amounts of loose, hanging skin in the area of buttocks and back of the upper thighs. It can also improve the existing cellulite. Due to ageing or extreme weight loss, the skin loses its elasticity. Butt lift brings the normal young look of the skin back. Although, small quantities of fat can be removed along with this procedure, a butt lift does not include fat removal.

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Butt Lift

Generally the surgeon decides whether the procedure is appropriate for a particular patient. But the overall requirements are:

1. Having stable weight

2. With healthy diet and lifestyle

3. Good general health

4. Non-smoker

5. Having realistic expectations towards the result

6. Psychologically stable

Pre-operative advice:

Patient may require to:

1. Pre-operative lab tests

2. Stop smoking or drinking alcohol

3. Avoid aspirin, other anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements, for about two weeks before surgery.

4. Adjust other medications depending on the disease for which they are taken.

Steps of surgery:

1. Mostly a general anesthesia is preferred in butt implant procedures, but some surgeons do it under local anesthesia along with an intravenous sedative. This is discussed before the procedure between the patient and surgeon.

2. An elliptical incision on the upper quadrant of the buttocks is taken to remove the skin in that area. The type of incision can differ according to the area containing excess skin or fat. Incision sites should also be discussed beforehand.

3. After removing the excess skin surgically, the remaining skin is pulled to a new position.

4. Then, the incision is closed by suturing. Additional support can be given to the incision with surgical tape and skin adhesive. After this, Dressings or bandages are used to cover the incision. Small drains may be left under the skin temporarily to drain any excess blood or fluid in case it oozes out.

5. Monitoring is done in the recovery area for at least half an hour. Generally, the butt lift is performed in outpatient department or minor operation room. But sometimes the surgeon asks for an overnight stay with someone to care for the patient.


Patient is advised not to sit for at least a week after the procedure. Most patients can return to their work after 2 weeks unless there is lot of sitting involved. Strenuous activity or exercise should better be avoided for at least 4 to 6 weeks.

Recovery period varies from patient to patient and also depends on the technique, patients general health, site of incision as well as daily activities.

Complications: These are:

1. Unsatisfactory aesthetic results leading to repeat surgery.

2. Recurrence of skin sagging

3. Surgical risks like

• Anesthesia risks

• Excessive bleeding

• Excessive edema or fluid accumulation

• Wound gape

• Blood clotting

• Skin necrosis

• Unhealthy scar

• Persistent pain

4. Severe complications like deep vein thrombosis, cardiac and pulmonary events


The total cost depends on technique, surgical skills, qualification and reputation of surgeon, the country of living, anesthesia fees, hospital fees, lab fees, various medications and services.


Generally, the swelling subsides within the first 4 to 6 weeks. The results won’t be apparent till the swelling subsides. The final aesthetic result may not be realized properly until up to one year after the procedure. The contour of body changes permanently unless a substantial weight gain or loss occurs in the immediate period. Age and gravity also take their own toll over time on the skin elasticity. Scars improve with time and continue to fade for about two years.

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