Butt Implants

Butt Implants

Butt Implants

Benefits of butt implants:

Butt implants make the butts look larger and shapelier. Many women achieve more sensuous appearance. For women with underdeveloped buttocks, these implants can provide them with a more proportionate figure than earlier. The butt implant also has boosted theself-esteem and self-confidence of many women.


Generally, the surgeon decides whether the procedure is appropriate for the patient or not. The best candidates for buttock implants:

1. Should be 18 years old or more

2. Having good physical health

3. Should be psychologically stable

4. Having realistic expectations about the results.

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Butt Implants
Time period:

The surgery of buttock implant takes about two to three hours to complete. The time of surgery depends upon various factors like the type of anesthesia, the technique, implant placement, anatomical variations and whether some other procedure is performed along with the main surgery.

Hospital stay:

Generally, the butt implant surgery is performed on an outpatient basis if the patient is otherwise healthy and fit. Patient can return home within a few hours of the surgery.

Steps of surgery:

1. An incision is taken either at a place where the cheek meets the back of thigh or below the buttock crease. In the latter incision i.e. at the buttock crease, the scar is not apparent but this area of incision also carries a high risk of infection.

2. Then, the surgeon makes a pocket of the tissue having enough space to insert the butt implants. The implants may be placed either under the gluteus maximus muscle of the butt or on top of the muscle as per the preference of surgeon.

3. Occasionally, some surgeons also perform liposuction in the area to enhance the butt shape more.

4. The same procedure is performed on both the buttocks. Then, the doctor makes sure that both the butts look symmetrical, natural and proportionate. Then the incision is closed.

5. Mostly a general anesthesia is preferred in butt implant procedures, but some surgeons do it under local anesthesia along with a sedative. This is discussed before the procedure.

Some other issues should be discussed in this regard:

1. Pain after buttock implant- stretching of tissues by the implant causes pain. Pain is more in case of an under-muscle type of implant. This pain mostly subsides in 2 days. It is relieved by taking analgesics.

2. Also, the antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory medications prescribed by the doctor should be taken as per schedule after the buttock implant surgery.

3. A compression garment is given to the patient to wear after surgery to provide support to the implant. It should not be removed for about two to three weeks depending on doctor’s advice.

4. Patient should be in lying down position for at least 24 hours. Assistance at home is needed for the next two days after the surgery.


1. Taking rest is very important for healing after surgery. Plenty of fluids along with prescribed medications should be taken.

2. Regular non tiring work can be resumed in few weeks after the butt implant. But physical exertion and exercise should be avoided till physician’s advice.

3. The stitches come out in about 10 days, but swelling decreases only gradually. The results won’t be apparent till the swelling subsides.

4. Recovery period varies from patient to patient and also depends on the technique, type of implant, and site of placement that the surgeon uses, as well as daily activities.


1. There is a possibility of shifting of the implant causing asymmetrical appearance of buttocks. The implants are generally placed above the sitting area to prevent this.

2. Rupture or breaking of implant which is rare.

3. The other risks are those which are common with any surgical procedure. These are infection, unsatisfactory results of the procedure, excessive bleeding from the implant site causing delayed recovery, adverse effects of anesthesia used, and failure of the procedure leading to repeat surgery.

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