Ankle Liposuction

Ankle Liposuction

Ankle Liposuction


Fat reduction in ankles facilitates patients to have curvier and tapered legs. Liposuction has progressively become very safe and effective, due to technological advancements in plastic surgery techniques, since last two decades. This surgery involves removal of small amount of fat as not much of fat is present in ankles to operate on. If the outcomes of ankle liposuction surgery are compared with that of the other liposuction surgeries, managing to balance the natural contour of the calf and ankle brings about a conspicuous change.


• Micro-cannula technique is preferred over cannula techinque in ankle liposuction.

• A small hollow tube called a cannula is used to pull out fat by applying suction. This cannula punctures through the fat present underneath the skin layers.

• Micro-cannula is smaller than a cannula, which reduces the degree of post-surgery scarring and gives superior results.

• But micro-cannula is comparatively a costlier technique, which demands more time for recovery.

Liposuction reshapes specific areas of the body which is done by removing fat deposits from these areas. It can be performed alone or along with other plastic surgery procedures, such as a facelift, breast reduction or a tummy tuck.
Ankle Liposuction

• Patients may undergo open drainage post-surgery, which helps to curtail post-operative swelling caused primarily by an anaesthetic solution that is introduced during the operation.

• Open drainage is designed to minimize the potential discomfort and post-effects of ankle liposuction.

• Plastic surgeon makes minute apertures in patient’s ankle in the open drainage procedure that allows the drainage of the fat.

• Absorbent pads are then placed over the tiny apertures (adits) and are held in place by compression bandages.

Inclusion criteria for ankle liposuction:

• Anybody and everybody can not undergo ankle liposuction surgery.

• To be able to have this surgery done, the candidate should be in good health and should have a good skin tone.

• It is mandatory to pass the pinch test before undergoing ankle liposuction. The patient needs to stand on his feet and then on his toes in the pitch test. Then the doctor checks if he can be pinched a minimum of 1 cm in his ankles and at least 2 cm in his calves.

Some points to be taken care of while undergoing an ankle liposuction:

• Leg fat is different- The distribution and proportion of localized fat on female legs and ankles is genetically predetermined. Women who have a disproportionate and displeasing distribution of fat on their legs complain about this fat being resistant to diet and exercise regimens.

• Leg fat is superficial- The fat present on the legs and ankles is composed of moderately superficial fat. No deep seated pockets of fat are present on the leg and ankles. Therefore, liposuction of the legs is necessarily done on the surface and has an increased risk of injury to the sub-dermal vascular plexus. The veins in the legs and ankles are especially susceptible to the long-term effects of vascular injury due to gravitational force.

• Alarming zone- The area behind the knee holds important nerves and blood vessels that are vulnerable to injury by a cannula during the ankle liposuction procedure. This are should be strictly refrained from surgery.

• Walking can be a good exercise- Surgeons instruct all the patients to walk during the initial few days post-surgery. Walking enables drainage and minimizes swelling. Bed rest and leg elevation are not obligatory if the surgeon uses open drainage technique.

• Excessive liposuction of legs and ankles- No attempt should be tried in order to remove every last bit of fat from the legs and ankles. Exaggerated liposuction of the legs involves major risk of injury to blood vessels. An attempt to remove all the fat will yield some areas where the skin is directly sticking to the muscle, and other areas where there are thin collections of fat. In this situation, if the patient subsequently gains weight, areas with residual fat will increase in size, and areas without fat will not change. The overall effect will be an emphasis of any irregularities producing an increasing lumpiness. The goal of liposuction of the legs or ankles should be an aesthetically pleasing and natural looking result. Therefore, excessive liposuction should be avoided.

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